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At Kersia Healthcare, we have an ambitious plan. We want to continue to innovate, adapt to change, and contribute to a safe and healthy planet by becoming part of an environmentally-conscious sustainable group. Our plan reflects the four values of kersia: Transparency, Sharing, Proficiency and Foresight.  We are determined to deliver products and systems that make a positive impact on the world. Our range of healthcare solutions are tailored to ensure the integrity and safety of our employees, consumers, and the environment while maximizing efficiencies and minimizing costs.

Recently, our Senior Vice President for North American sales, Dan Mueller and Malachy McGlynn, Head of Operations at Kersia Healthcare, joined Don Lee from TIPS (The Infection Prevention Strategy) podcast to talk about sustainability and what it means for our business.


During the discussion, the team gave insights on the following:

  • Identifying and prioritising potential solutions
  • Evaluate and report on internal sustainable initiatives.
  • What are consumers looking for, and what is driving them to ask
  • Obstacles to initiating sustainability efforts
  • Measurable business benefits of sustainability
  • Governmental regulations


This podcast is for anyone who has begun to think about sustainable strategies within a manufacturing facility.


To listen to the full podcast courtesy of TIPS – click here



Kersia – How We Act For A Positive Impact


Kersia’s Act for Positive Impact initiative is committed to sustainable development.

On a collaborative platform, colleagues from our worldwide group of supplier and customer relations, communication, digital, finance, legal, marketing, innovation, governance, regulatory, human resources, purchasing and industrial performance come together to initiate programmes that have a positive impact on the environment. Their presence and support help to progress successful regional projects. 

All companies within the global group are committed to completing regular updates on improvements for the following indicators: safety, environment, health and well-being, water, plastics, travel, freight etc. 



Committed & Different

Our Committed & Different Changemaker programme, a collaboration with Ashoka, the worldwide social entrepreneur group; was launched in 2019. This unique 8-month programme provides Kersia employees with the skills to think outside their usual area of expertise.

They develop soft skills that help them to listen without judgement, learn without limit and contribute to solving complex problems within their own company and throughout the global Kersia group.

Becoming a Kersia Changemaker supports the group in its mission to meet the challenges of tomorrow by promoting, researching and finding ways to lead the change to sustainability. Kersia Changemaker Ambassadors encourage an inclusive and supportive workplace where together, we can act for a positive impact and a safer future for everyone.



If you have any queries on our products or sustainably journey, reach out to us here





A sustainable journey to the future








                            Dan Mueller
Senior Vice President of Sales, N. America
                       Malachy McGlynn
        Head of Operations, Kersia Healthcare



































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