• Antibiotic Resistant Infections: Facts

According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

More than 2.8 million antibiotic-resistant infections occur in the U.S. each year.

More than 35,000 people die as a result of contracting ARIs In 2017, 223,900 cases required hospital care for diff

At least 12,800 people died. 1 in every nine patients who contract an infection will die from HAI https://www.cdc.gov/drugresistance/pdf/threats-report/2019-ar-threats-report-508.pdf

ARIs can be stopped by improving antibiotic use and preventing the spread of germs with effective, infection prevention programmes. Often, the most severe resistant healthcare associated germs spread across facilities from patient to patient. When not controlled, they can spill out to communities.

Klorkleen (KK2) and Klorsept are specifically designed to dissolve quickly and effectively to provide solutions suitable for food contact surfaces through to powerful high level, broad spectrum cleaning and disinfection of high-risk areas such as hospital theatres.

  • What is the ‘Equilibrium Effect’ of NaDCC?

NaDCC dissolves in water to release HOCl / Hypochlorous Acid – measured as available chlorine
Only 50% of the “total” available chlorine is actually present as “free” available chlorine
The remainder is “combined” in the form of mono – or dichloroisocyanurate
This happens until all the “combined” available chlorine is used up
This is unique to NaDCC


  • What are the unique properties of NaDCC?

NaDCC has unique properties that make it a superior chlorine donor and distinctly more effective than hypochlorites:
Acidic properties
50-50 equilibrium
Superior biocidal performance
Resistance to organic matter
Studies show that NaDCC has up to 4 times the killing power of hypochlorites


  • How easy is it to use NaDCC tablets?

NaDCC effervescent tablets are designed for ease of use with minimal instructions.
For example, one 13.1g effervescent tablet placed in 10 gallons of water gives the exact ppm to safely disinfect food contact surfaces.


  • Do NaDCC tablets have a smell?

Yes. They have a slight chlorine smell that dissipates quickly after application leaving what most end users describe as a “clean” or “sterile” smell.


  • How do I buy NaDCC products?

To find a distributor near you or for more information on our products, please contact us at +1 206 741 5981 or e-mail: dan.mueller@kersia-group.com


  • Will NaDCC stain fabrics

Tablets should not be used on non-colorfast fabrics, wool or silk fabrics, or any fabric with a special finish. If applying around fabrics, test on an inconspicuous area prior to use.