Infection prevention within healthcare facilities remains a pivotal concern, particularly in light of evolving pathogens and increased patient care demands. The array of disinfectants and antiseptics currently available in the American market that are approved and regulated by agencies such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) span a broad spectrum of types and efficacies. They include alcohols, chlorine and chlorine compounds, formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, hydrogen peroxide, iodophors, phenolics, and quaternary ammonium compounds, each playing a part in mitigating the spread of infectious agents. Understanding the nuances, applications, and effectiveness of the chemistry that healthcare professionals use helps to implement best practices in infection control and ensure the safety of both patients and staff.

Comparing NaDCC with other disinfectants such as alcohols, formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, hydrogen peroxide, iodophors, phenolics, and quaternary ammonium compounds involves several factors, such as efficacy, cost, ease of use. Let’s explore how NaDCC stands out among these disinfectants.


Efficacy and Versatility

NaDCC’s broad antimicrobial spectrum allows it to replace different cleaning products. This consolidation of cleaning agents not only simplifies operational processes but also yields direct benefits in reducing losses and expenditures associated with managing a diverse array of products.

  • Broad Spectrum: NaDCC is effective against a wide range of pathogens, including spores, C.diff and fungi, yeasts, mycobacteria and biofilm. This broad-spectrum efficacy makes it versatile for various applications.
  • Stability: Klorsept NaDCC tablets have a 3-year shelf life, while Klorkleen 2, with added cleaning properties, hold a 2-year shelf life. Both are longer than other disinfectants, which can degrade faster.


“One significant advantage of using our effervescent disinfectant tablets, there is no time required before reentry after electrostatic spraying, unlike other disinfectants, Michael Gately CEO, Medentech.”


  • Reduced Toxicity: Compared to other substances used for disinfection applications known for their toxicity and potential to cause health issues with prolonged exposure, NaDCC is safer for users.
  • Less Irritation: Unlike some common alternatives, NaDCC solutions are less irritating to the skin and mucous membranes, making them safer for regular use in environments like hospitals.
  • Lower Corrosivity: NaDCC is less corrosive to metals than other disinfectants, making it safer for use on various surfaces without damaging them. Contact our sales team for more information.


Efficient and Economical Use

The efficacy of NaDCC at lower concentrations epitomizes the principle of ‘doing more with less.’ By enabling facilities to achieve their hygiene objectives with reduced chemical usage, NaDCC supports economic stewardship.


Reduced Shipping and Handling Footprint

A pivotal advantage of NaDCC lies in its concentrated tablet form, which eliminates the need to transport water, a common component of ready-to-use solutions. This attribute significantly diminishes the volume and weight of shipments, translating to reduced logistics requirements—from transportation to storage. On the other hand, transporting an equivalent amount of bleach, predominantly water, necessitates 44 times more volume than NaDCC tablets. This differential highlights a substantial reduction in transportation resources, diesel fuel consumption, and the waste associated with packaging materials.


NaDCC offers balanced efficacy, safer application use, and cost-effectiveness. However, the choice of disinfectant should be based on the specific requirements of the application, including the types of pathogens present, the materials to be disinfected, and safety considerations for users and the environment.

NaDCC facts Reminder:

  • NADCC TABLET CONCENTRATE mixes with normal tap water to create HOCL
  • Effective Sporicidal Grade Disinfection: kills C.diff in 4 minutes
  • More accurate dilution than chemical dispensers
  • EPA List K:   Approved products recommended by the CDC for C.auris and other emerging pathogens
  • EPA List N:  Approved product effective against SARS-cov-2 (COVID-19)
  • EPA S:        OSHA bloodborne pathogen standard-compliant
  • Broad-spectrum: From food contact surface sanitiser to sporicidal disinfectant
  • Neutral ph
  • NFPA rating 0,0,0 Use Dilution
  • Kill C.diff and COVID-19 in 4 minutes*
  • Kills bacteria in biofilm


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