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Evidence and Guidance for front line workers to protect family from COVID-19 and other pathogens

The families of healthcare and front-line workers are more at risk for COVID-19. This presentation addresses how healthcare and other workers can take steps to keep their families safe from the Coronavirus. It will review actions that can be taken to reduce risk to themselves and family members.

Learning Objectives

– Understand the risk of workers bringing home viruses and risk to their families in the COVID-19 environment

– Recognize which family members are most vulnerable and when.

– Learn simple actions that can be taken to protect your family.



Michael Gately

Michael Gately is Managing Director of Medentech and is Vice-President of Kersia Group, the world’s largest pure player in Industrial Food Hygiene. Michael holds a degree in Social Science from University College Dublin, an MBA from Smurfit UCD and post graduate studies ( AMP) in Harvard. He is a qualified trainer in hospital infection control.

Michael has been an associate lecturer in Organizational Behaviour with the National College of Ireland and with The Institute of Public Administration. He has worked in over one hundred countries on infection control issues and behavioural change training. Major post event locations at which Michael worked include, Indonesian Tsunami, SARS outbreak Asia, Earthquake and Cholera outbreak Haiti, flooding in Pakistani and Vietnam.

Michael visits twenty-five countries annually on infection control training issues. He is the originator of the “Year in a Box” concept, which brings a year’s entire infection control needs to rural hospitals in Africa for less than $1 a day. Daily Aquatabs manufactured at Medentech make water safe for over 15 million African Children. Michael lives in Wexford, Ireland with his wife, seven children …….and six happy dogs. Register here: